Welcome to Living Jute. We're local Adelaide - based ethical business centered around that makes biodegradable products from the plant Jute.


Support those who support others - they’re a special kind of people.

It takes a lot to build a business but it takes much more to build a community. I first met Rasheed years ago at Loveon Cafe and was always amazed by his capacity to give.

Community is built with an attitude of ‘paying it forward’ and if you’ve been to Loveon Xpress then you’ll know exactly what I mean 🤲 As someone who emigrated from Bangladesh to go to uni here and then started his first cafe with negative $500 in his bank account, Rasheed is the embodiment of what it means to share your success with others.

Living Jute is his newest venture 🌱 “I would like to share a vision that I have held in my mind for 20 years. A way to connect my country, Bangladesh, to my home in Adelaide.”

Selling products made from sustainable jute fibre and manufactured by the people in his home village, Living Jute also creates a platform for local school students’ education around different cultures, sustainability, poverty and ethical trade practices.

Next time you’re heading down Sir Donald Bradman Drive, pop your head in for a look and say hello 👋 Support those who support others - they’re a special kind of people.


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