Welcome to Living Jute. We're local Adelaide - based ethical business centered around that makes biodegradable products from the plant Jute.


Relief support in India

Life is never easy!

But I am thankful that we live in a society that is able to help in this moment in India.

The donation we raised from selling chicken bags goes directly to Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India. Its a disaster there. After effecting from Corona Pandemic, now it's struggling with recent cyclone.

If anyone wish to donate directly to the families in need, feel free to chat to us🙏

We, at Living Jute forever grateful to our Adelaide community and specially Joy Dey, from Webstar Technologies Web India, Tash Loh from loveon xpress, Ruby Wake Grant Strongman from 5031 Bashar Raju from Loveon cafe, Peggy from T BAR TEA SALON for your hard work in this project.