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Future Foot Prints

Accessible bags with Future Footprints

The Adelaide community work

The community provides security, a sense of belonging, and is essential to our survival. Our local community is the source of our motivation to help, inspire and encourage each other. Our acquaintance with Future Footprints has been long and as an outcome of that acquaintance, we are excited to announce our collaboration on a very special project – the Future bag: a natural jute tote bag designed by taking into account the accessibility to all including people with disabilities.

Who are Future Footprints?

Future Footprints is a multidisciplinary therapy hub, working with people with developmental disabilities and helping them maximize their capacities. Established in 2011 by Aszter Agocs, they have taken a holistic approach to their participants’ needs and provide a range of individual, group, and intensive programs. Although their main focus has been to deliver conductive education in a fun, enjoyable environment, they are not limited to that. They also offer a range of other allied health programs including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, and music therapy. The team at Future Footprints includes hard-working, dedicated professionals who have created a positive, welcoming community through the years.

Design features of Future bags

Future bags have an extra-long, adjustable handle fixed with a coconut button so that it can be adjusted to the need of the user. The handles of the bag can fit over the arm of the wheelchair and can be fastened for security. An Internal pocket for a drink bottle and another internal storage pocket for a mobile phone or other important items have been included in the bag. The Future bag is long-lasting, soft, and customized for everyday use.

Living Jute: A step towards accessible sustainability

From the beginning of Living Jute, our focus has been to help the community around us through sustainable change. All the materials of our products come from natural, sustainable fibres. Our goal is not only to make eco-friendly bags but to create an environmentally conscious company. Our vision stands upon the foundation of intersectional sustainability. We hope to manufacture jute products that can be used by all. We also work with community initiatives and everyday people. 

What’s next?

To know more about our future projects with the Adelaide community stay connected with us. You can contact us if you have an interesting idea and we can work together to make your idea come to reality.