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MK2 Recruitments

Who is MK2 Recruitment?

MK2 Recruitment is an Australian recruitment company that bridges the gap between clients and candidates in the fields of Construction, Civil Construction, Mining, Asphalt/Roads, Engineering, Defence, Oil & Gas (including Off-shore). The vision of MK2 Recruitment is to be the front-runner in recruitment, labour hire, and human resource solutions. To meet the workforce needs of their clients, MK2 Recruitment offers both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions, as per requirement. But merely fulfilling requirements is not sufficient, reliability should also be taken into account. With more than 40 years of experience in the recruitment industry, MK2 has been able to develop long-term collaborations. Recruitment consultants at MK2 Recruitment are employed based on their industry knowledge and thus they ensure the clients get the best talent out there. Assistance from experienced consultants is available 24/7 to help candidates find their ideal jobs.

In today’s competitive world, a strategic collaborative partnership has proven to be an invaluable tool for companies. Not only has it allowed for wider reach and customer, but it also gives insight into new ideas. Living Jute has been enthusiastic about collaborative partnerships from the beginning. It is an environmentally-conscious company focused on sustainable change. At Living Jute, we make eco-friendly bags out of natural, sustainable fibres. Resistance to wear and tear makes jute bags reusable. Jute bags are not only durable and bio-degradable, but they are also a step forward towards sustainable development. Our first collaboration with MK2 Recruitment on an exciting, elevating project incorporates Welcome Kits made of jute for registered candidates.

Living Jute has designed a variety of customized eco-friendly bags for MK2 Recruitment

Metro Bag – a trendy, elegant bag for female candidates

Metro bag is a multifunctional bag designed for women with eco-conscious materials. It has double handles making it easy to carry by hand and a coconut button clasp and zip for keeping things secure inside. It also comes in various colors. Its simple and elegant design makes it essential for everyday use, be it going to the office or running errands, it comes in handy. Your essentials can easily fit into these trendy bags.

Ignite File Folder – for carrying documents in a professional way

Ignite File Folders are unisex, designed with 100% natural Jute fibre. It has a magnetic clasp on the front and a zip inside for carrying a tablet or other important documents. Its simple design makes it look professional and convenient for both men and women. These document folders are available in various colors and can be personalized with your logo or style.

Cotton Tote Bag – a classic and timeless bag for everyday use

Cotton Tote bags are large, sturdy bags with double handles attached to the sides. You can carry papers, books, gym gear, food and drink, groceries, laptop and are great for giveaways. These bags are available in different colors, shapes, and prints. You can also create your customized template with the help of our design team or else you can upload your logo through our website.

To know about our future projects and collaborations, stay connected with us. At Living Jute, we are always in search of ways to work together to turn your idea into reality.