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Peak 24

Who is Peak 24?

Peak 24 is a fully equipped 24/7 gym specializing in Weight Loss, Group training (PICO hiit), and Elite Training for Sport/Event specific competition. At Peak 24, their friendly, welcoming environment not only pushes you to achieve your goals but also to make sustainable adjustments for the long term. Professionals in Exercise Physiology, Massage Therapy, Pilates, and allied fields offer holistic care for achieving your goals. They have qualified and highly experienced PTs and instructors to help you with a variety of personal training techniques. They have recently introduced PICO hiit – a high-intensity small group training program in addition to other services offered by them. It is a unique small group (up to 12) training session where you get functional training to maximize the effects of your efforts at the gym. They offer various membership options for you to choose from and get started with.

How are we involved? 

Living Jute has been committed to helping the community through a sustainable change from the start. We are not merely a company that designs and sells eco-friendly bags but we also take pride in being environmentally conscious. We make bags out of natural, sustainable fibres. Our alliance with Peak 24 goes long back, our businesses have been neighbor on Marion Rd for three years now. Recently, we have worked with Peak 24 for the launch of PICO hiit by designing and printing a customized Cotton Tote Bag. Cotton Tote Bags are large and sturdy having double handles attached to the sides. These bags are ideal for carrying books, groceries, or gym gear. Our association is not limited to the launch of PICO hiit, we have also worked with them to run charity events and fundraisers for our local West Torrens community. Over the years, our venture with Peak 24 has been professional as well as personal. Mark Haylock, Owner of Peak 24, has become a good friend of Living Jute. The owner of Living Jute is also a fitness enthusiast. Their mutual interest in fitness and sustainable change has been the foundation of our alliance.

What’s in the future?

Our collaboration with Peak 24 doesn’t end here. Currently, we are working on designing and printing customized t-shirts for them. We will also continue to collaborate with them on community fundraisers. Living Jute supports local, small, and medium businesses and encourages sustainable business practices. This is the vision of Living Jute.

Stay connected with us to know more about our future projects and collaborations. You can contact us for projects, collaborations, or any idea that want to turn into reality.